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Nap - Love♥
Hi! I'm Maqui ~

I run a workshop, Lenora's Garage, and I'm a member of NORA, as their mechanic.
Also, I love napping~

[Part of Phoenix Hearts RP-group; My Maqui shakes his head a lot, usually when he feels confused or awkward :3]
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“Haha you two don’t take anythin’ seriously do ya?” he joked with a grin.

“What about Gadot, Lebreau, everyone back at New Bodhum?”

Maqui chuckled. “Maybe not!” he smiled once again. 
"For what I know… Lebrau is busy with the café, and rest.. Well.. keeping a some kind of holiday", he said and laughed. 

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Snow laughed warmly before setting down the young genius back down and holding him by the shoulders instead.

“What’s going on little man?? Catch me up!! What’s everyone been up to while I’ve been gone?”

Maqui smiled once again, seeing his hero back again. He chuckled, as the other one was leaning on his shoulder. He enjoyed this. His hero - leaning on him. He turned his head to Snow, who was talking to him.

"Well… I’m not sure, but Yuj went off to search new clothes", he said, smiling.

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“Maqui!!” the hulking figure of a man roared as he ran up to scoop the small-bodied prodigy in a strong, tight bear hug.

“Hey little buddy!! How is this possible??” he asked, sure his time travelling would have separated from his NORA friends forever. Had he wandered back to their time by accident?

Maqui heard someone coming from the back, shouting his name. The voice of the man sounded familiar, like someone he hasn’t seen in a long time. Maqui turned his head to look at the man, but he gave him a tight hug before he could do anything. He knew this man. It was Snow.

"S-Snow! You’re here!", he shouted happily as he finally met him, after along time. He shook his head, and looked at the man.
"You’re actually here!"

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//I’m here once again ;w; I am so so sorry for the so long inactivity, but my summer has been whole about Japan, and now that I actually am here for once, I got a computer, but the keyboard is really weird and difficult to write with.

So if you have any answers to me, I’d start to answer to them now, since it’s saturday, and I have a lot of free time and I’m bored. ;_;
sorry for once again !//

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Honesty Hour. No questions are deleted. Nothing is off limits. Ask me anything.

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It is a really nice day for a nap!: red-headedturk: It is a really nice day for a nap!red-headedturk: It…


It is a really nice day for a nap!


It is a really nice day for a nap!


Maqui walked around a city, just visiting there. It looked a whole lot different than his home back in New Bodhum. He looked around him, it wasn’t as bright…

The boy looked up at Reno after he asked the question. “Yes. It seems so different than what I’m used to. What exactly is it?” The blonde-haired boy stared at the weapon that was infront of him. “Hey red-head!”

“It’s an Electro-Mag Rod. Basically a sort of tazer thing… I’m Reno, by the way. You?” Reno joked, handing over the weapon that the boy took from him and twisted it between his fingers.

“Be careful, you don’t electrify yourself!”

Maqui took the Electro-Mag Rod in his hands, and fascinated he looked around it, nodding when he understood how it was built. If just could open it so he could make another one - but it was better to leave it like that. It wasn’t NORA’s weapon after all. 

“Electro-Mag Rod? Weird name for a stick with electricity…”, he chuckled. To him it was a stick. Well, he wasn’t from there after all. The redhead called himself Reno, and wanted to know Maqui’s name. “My name is Maqui!” he answered and continued looking at this… Stick. 

“Nah, I won’t. I’ve worked on even more dangerous things than this”

Reno watched as the boy just gave odd nods as he examined the weapon. There was an odd look in his eyes but Reno didn’t know what it was so he just pushed it to one side.

“Electro-Mag Rod? Weird name for a stick with electricity…,” the boy chuckled, causing confusion to cloud Reno’s normally clear mind. “My name is Maqui!” he added as he continued to examine the rod. He also made a comment that he had handled weapons more dangerous than his weapon.

“Well, it is called the Electro-Mag Rod since it is short for Electric Magnetic Rod…” Reno shrugged as though it wasn’t a big deal, which it happened to not be. A small smirk played on his lips as he stared up at the light grey-blue sky.

After he had played with the rod enough, he handed it back. “Thanks for letting me check it”, he said, and took some paper from his bag. He started illustrating some plans, so he could make something similar to team NORA someday. He made sure that it would be done from the same base as Reno’s Electro-Mag Rod, but it has slightly different idea of usage. 

After a while of sketching and few papers for different ideas for all of team NORA, he put the papers back in the bag, and stared the other. He didn’t know why, but somehow Reno reminded him of someone. Maqui shook his head, and tried to forget what he was thinking.

“Say… Do you like napping?” he asked suddenly.

Reno glanced down at Maqui. “No problem,” the red-head smiled before taking the weapon from the blonde-haired boy and resting it against his shoulder. In boredom, his eyes traveled back to the view of the sky which relaxed him more.

The red-headed turned his gaze to the ground next, studying the cracks under his feet. He knew that Maqui was probably staring at him but, in all honesty, Reno wasn’t really that bothered.

“I guess you can say that I do…” Reno caressed the back of his neck with his hand as he answered.

Maqui smiled. He had everything he needed about that rod. Maybe Snow would accept those plans, even be happy about it! Man wouldn’t that be cool, he thought to himself. 

When the other one replied to his question, he looked at him. “What does that mean?” he asked. How could someone not like napping? To Maqui, napping was the best thing to do, after working with few machinces, though.

Maqui saw the other one gazing the ground. He shook his head, and stood up, and smiled. He didn’t actually know why he stood up, maybe it was some kind of reaction he always did when he was bored. 

Pilot and the mechanic (@angrypilot)





Earlier Maqui was asked to come to help someone named…. Cid? Who was this guy? Anyway. Maqui was handed a piece of paper including an address and a time when he needed to be there. Maqui’s mechanical skills were needed, and he was quite glad to help.

He arrived to a huge hangar, only to find himself looking for a door. Running around the hangar he suddenly fell, and was lying on the ground, bleeding. He shook his head, and stood up.
“Oh…. There it was…”, he thought out loud, and knocked on the door, hoping this to be the right one.  

Cid let out an annoyed sigh. “For two weeks I have tried to fix you Shera. And ya STILL don’t fucking work?!” As angry as he was, Cid did not notice the heavy tool pack beside him. The sound of snapping toe joints was the only thing he heard when he kicked his foot on to it. ”Ow! God damn it! I need a break! Right fucking about Now!

Cid limped towards his working desk, if you could call it that. The desk was full of cigarette stumps, blueprints, bolts, tools. Everything, in a one big mess. Cid toke a cigarette from its package, light it and took a deep and relaxed breath. Then he toke an oily rag which was hanging from his back pocket and wiped away the drops of sweat from his forehead. ”Where in the fuck is that mechanic I called earlier this day?” That was when he heard the front door of the hangar open.

Maqui opened the front door, peeking inside. “Uhh.. Mister Highwind..?” he shouted and stepped inside. Carefully he put his tools down, and looked at the piece of paper for the last time and put it back to his pocket. “Cid..? Sir? Where are you?” he asked and walked further inside the huge hangar.

He wiped his forehead. Still bleeding, huh? He thought to himself. The hangar was huge - there were planes, motorcycles, everything. This was heaven to mechanic like Maqui, and for one second he stopped at one of the motorcycles, and let the smile come up to his face, as he went around the motorcycle. It was so different from what they had in New Bodhum, and in the whole Pulse! Maybe if he’d have some kind of plans for this, he could make one for NORA when he got home. Snow would probably like him more, and he’d get more attention from rest of NORA. 

He could try asking Cid about the plans. Yes.

Cid heard someone call his name, a young voice echoed trough the hangar. ”What the fuck would someone want from me this time?” He muttered under his breath. Cid left his working desk to check the anonymous invader of his sacred hangar.

He, then saw a young blond boy with an exited look on his face, walking around one of his motorcycles, like a child  its new toy on Christmas. ”Ey! What are you doing ‘ere?” Cid asked from the boy. ”Are you the mechanic that came to help me?” Cid asked annoyed, blowing some cigarette smoke out of his lungs.

Maqui stopped the instant, when he heard Cid shouting at him. “U-uhh…. Y-yes, Mr. Highwind, sir…”, he said, looking scared - what he was. He shook his head, and left the motorcycle alone, returning to his tools. He didn’t actually dare to ask for plans for that motorcycle, so he sighed, and just let it be. 

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Meeting the Mechanic





Maqui heard the other giggle, so he couldn’t help but to smile. Maybe she was some kind of janitor of this church? Or maybe she just took care of the flowers here. She looked very gentle to him, so maybe she really just took care of the flowers. The awkwardness started to fade away, as she guessed that Maqui wasn’t from here

“No, I’m not. I come from New Bodhum!” he answered, and stood back up, “I’m Maqui! Nice to meet you!”. He put his right hand to his pocket and with his left hand ribbed his neck.

“Lost? No…. At least not much”, he chuckled.

A smile lifted on her lips, happy to see that he was slowly shedding off his shyness. New Bodhum? Hm…that’s a new place for sure. Tilting her head to the side a bit, she asked, “What world is that?” Aerith paused, suddenly chuckling softly at how ridiculous that must have sounded. “Sorry, that must have sounded odd. This is Midgar by the way.”

A small sigh of relief escaped her lips, happy to know that he’s not lost but a small curiosity tugged on her. “Then what are you doing here?” Not that she’s not welcoming him but it’s not often that people find her little sanctuary. Aerith is always curious to see how people came to be. She had the oddest meetings here after all.

“It’s in Pulse. It’s pretty far away from here”, he said. Now to come think of it, it was quite far. Maybe he should be heading home soon? Nah, he’ll go back later. “Midgar huh? Sounds nice!” he smiled. 

Maqui kept on smiling, and when the other one wanted to know what he was doing here, he started to think what made him come here in the first place. “I needed some vacation, and this looked cool”, he said. He wasn’t sure why he came here, but that’ll do for now.

Pulse…? Oh! Aerith knows where that is! A grin appeared on her lips, “Pulse! I’ve been there before! I’m friends with Hope, Noel, and Vanille! I heard of some others as well too!” She wondered if Maqui knew who they were but still, a little information wouldn’t hurt. The woman giggled though. Midgar is far from nice…but it’s her home.

“You choose quite a…’interesting’ place for a vacation then,” the slums weren’t famous for sightseeing. Still, Aerith could help the boy around—if he wanted. She’s not doing much and she had come back from selling some of her flowers…so why not? “Are you interested in a tour guide then?” She teased slightly, clasping her hands behind her back with a bright smile.

Maqui nodded, and smiled to the other. “You know them too? Cool!” he said amazed. He didn’t have any idea how the other knew his friends. “Yeah, there’s a lot of people in there! At least I think so”, he stated. 

"Huh? What do you mean with ‘interesting’?" he looked at Aerith. He looked around the place - as if he didn’t understand what the other was saying. Aerith said something, and he turned back to her. "Sure!" he answered with a bright smile

Maqui and Serah (@goldenmechanic)







“Umm……. I didn’t even think about that” he said. Worst idea ever. Worth to try though. Maqui looked at Serah, who flew to sat on his shoulder. “And Hope can do almost anything, yeah”, he mentioned.

Maqui thought. What could change her back the way she used to be? No doubt that it could be hard to build a machine with l’Cie magic. He would need a l’Cie to help him. And there’s no free-willing l’Cie to help him. What could he do?

“The rest are outside”, he said and kept thinking an answer to this mystery.

“Yeah, he can,” Serah smiled, resting her head on her hand, elbow leaning against her knee. “He did build a new planet. I bet he could figure out this mystery.”

“Outside, soaking up the sun, as usual,” the pinkette smiled. The weather outside was beautiful, the sun glaring down on the beach. As the woman had passed, she had noticed many of the residents sunbathing by the water while the kids ran around and had water fights.

“What have you been up to recently?”

“We could ask him”, he said and looked the other one on his shoulder. Where was Hope anyway? He kept wondering. “And his planet is cool and beautiful!”

“Wanna go see them?” he asked Serah. Outside was warm, and Maqui had a lot of clothes on, so that’s why he was inside. Inside Lebreau’s bar was cool enough for him to be. Maqui took the last sip from his drink, and left it on the table - for Lebreau to clean, of course. All he did was nap and mechanic’s job. And that was enough for him. 

“Me? Uhh.. I’ve been fixing machines, and done few weapons what Snow’s asked me to do”, he said and smiled.

“Yeah, let’s go,” Serah smiled. “It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen them.”

“So, just the usual, then,” the pinkette laughed. All Maqui ever seemed to do was work in his shop and sleep. A simple life. The woman wished hers had been like that.

“How’s Snow?” the pinkette asked, wondering how her cat was. Yuj had promised to take care of him while he was gone, but, she’d worried about the little cat. She’d grown quite attatched to it since Snow, her hero, had disappeared.

Maqui headed towards the outside, and the voice of the conversation and laughter could be heard. He peeked outside, smiled and walked outside. 

“Yeah, the same old. But it’s a life I want that enough for me~”, he said smiling. A simple life for a person like him. Someone to share this life with would be nice, but he couldn’t have everything.

“Snow..?” he asked, before he realized, she meant the cat, “Snow’s alright! Yuj takes good care of him!”

“I’m glad to hear that,” Serah smiled as they headed outside into the sun. When she was a normal sized person, she thought the sun of New Bodhum was nice, just right to go out and get a tan, but, not get burned. But now, as a tiny little fairy, the sun glared down on her horribly, making her warmer than usual. She flew from Maqui’s shoulder, round the back of his head and landed on his other. At least now she was in the shade.

“It feels a lot warmer than it should be,” the pinkette sighed, wiping her forehead.

Maqui smiled, as he stopped to get some sun. He looked at Serah, who flew on his another shoulder.

"Yeah, I can believe that!" he said. Maqui kept smiling and walked to the others, introducing the smaller Serah. Others looked at Serah surprised, but soon they just nodded and started talking with her.